Here at HTH Communications, we take pride in the diverse services we are able to offer.

Project Management

We perform End to End Project Management tailored to our customer’s needs. We partner with Project Stakeholders to identify gaps in the process, offer suggestions for improvement, and streamline communication to all parties impacted by or involved with the project. We understand the importance of forecasting & managing to budget constraints, and can offer keen insight to help our customer’s stay on track to completion.

Inside Plant Operations

We are a one-stop shop for all Head End Needs. Whether it’s a simple Transmitter Upgrade or an OTN build out, we can assist with everything in between. We supply resources for ladder rack/cabinet installation, coaxial wiring, equipment racking/mounting, fiber management, ethernet management, AC/DC power connection, electronics & configuration, and head end support for maintenance window cut-over’s. We also have the capability of decommissioning all related gear and materials upon completion of the upgrade/install project.

Outside Plant Operations

We are able to accommodate Outside Plant Needs in today’s world. Whether it’s a plant extension or buildout of a complete fiber ring, we can assist with everything in between. We supply resources for construction and maintenance type activity on Hybrid Fiber-Coax cable systems. We are able to support New-build, Cable replacements, Fiber and Coax splicing, Active and Passive installation, Noise Mitigation, Sweep, CLI drive-out with Report and Repair, as well as any maintenance window cut-over’s.

Fiber Design & Engineering

We have the ability to Design, Engineer, and Permit your Fiber Optic Network.

We pride ourselves on our relationship driven model that focuses on both Customer Expectations and Entity Requirements.

We have a dedicated team of professionals to help survey, design, engineer, and permit the needs of your infrastructure projects.